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I grew up in East Los Angeles and later moved to the City of Whittier where I became a homeowner.

I was raised by two hard-working, working class parents who instilled in me a strong work ethic and dedication to achieving success in education. Both my father and mother were role models who inspired me with their tenacity and resilience in life which has lead me to where I am today.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Mount St. Mary's College with a Secondary Credential in Biological Science from Whittier College. I also earned a Master of Arts in Education from Whittier College.

I'm a Science Teacher with over twenty-two years of teaching experience and in guiding students to success. In my years of teaching I have served a number of leadership roles including as Lead Science Teacher where I work collaboratively with my science colleagues to ensure that students demonstrate high levels of achievement in the area of Science as well as providing staff development.

I also serve as the ASB (Associated Student Body) Advisor where I develop and shape the leadership potential and capacity of elected and appointed students. After school, I empower student leaders with essential leadership skills like parliamentary procedure, group dynamics, activity planning, community outreach, and fiscal responsibility.

With over twenty two years of teaching experience and a passion for student's success, I've prepared hundreds of students for their college journey.

The students I teach are in the pipeline to attend college including Rio Hondo College. They deserve to attend a quality community college that gives them the opportunity to complete a degree on time and transfer to a four year university.

I am a member of the Montebello Teacher Association and the California Teacher Association.

As a science teacher I take a scientific approach to problems: 1) Identify the problem, 2) analyze the problem, 3) develop solutions, and 4) implement change. I will take the same approach to the critical issues facing Rio Hondo College.

Rio Hondo Community College is in crisis. Transfer to universities and degree completion is low and a budget crisis is looming. I'm running to change the course.

Lomeli for Rio Hondo College
Tuesday - November 6, 2018